Congratulations to our community member, CryptoKittyMagic, for breeding the 2,000,000th CryptoKitty - a Pumpernickel Exclusive! This Kitty joins the collection of 36 Gales that were mostly bred by players. In the race to Kitty 2 million, 35 Gales were discovered by our community and one Gale #1978787 was bred in our Gen-1 SE account and raffled in a trustless drawing. This raffle was won by 0xadad5e55b1ca79c9c109b0cf67051de8420b8a7f and we've reached out to this new player to let them know of the new addition to their collection!

The only eligibility requirement to enter the drawing was to have bred a Kitty between IDs 1,997,286 (the last Gale) and 2,000,000. Each breed counted as one entry.

Here are the entries in the exact order of Kitties bred. We assigned an entry number to each breeder. If you bred multiple Kitties, you received multiple entries.

The rules we used to determine the winner: We'll use Ethereum block #12612345 After that block is mined and fully confirmed (10 confirmations) we'll convert the hash of that block to a decimal value. We'll use the last 9 digits of that value as the dividend, with a divisor of the number of valid entries (2713*) into the drawing: the remainder (MOD) plus 1 will be the winner.