To celebrate the release of Dapper, the CryptoKitties team created RoboKitty Purrstige Traits to flex one of the best parts of blockchain--interoperability, the potential for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from one dapp to unlock features in another.

Your Purrstige RoboKitties unlock a Dapper-exclusive experience in MegaCryptoPolis already, and we’re excited to add a new type of interoperability for Dapper users!

Starting today, Dapper users will get exclusive access to the “Dapper Cup” Race within Crypt-Oink, where they can compete for rare NFTs in both CryptoKitties and Crypt-Oink.

What’s Crypt-Oink?

Crypt-Oink is a Japanese blockchain game where players can buy, breed, collect, train, and race Cryptons––3D piggies on the blockchain, all powered by the Ethereum network, just like CryptoKitties!

Players can try out Crypton racing at no cost by claiming their first Crypton completely free in the tutorial. From there, they can enter the marketplace to purchase a Crypton of their liking. Through training, breeding, and racing, Cryptons improve, growing more rare and valuable in the Crypt-Oink community and on the blockchain!

How do I enter the Dapper Cup?

Any Dapper account can claim a free Eggton Crypton in Crypt-Oink, and, after completing the quick tutorial, can enter the Dapper Cup, a race series exclusive to Dapper users with pawesome prizes!

The Dapper Cup preliminary races begin at 4:00 PM PDT on June 13 and run until 11:00 PM PDT on June 26. Dapper users can enter the race as many times as they want during the preliminary period to keep improving their fastest time–-the more you train your Cryptons, the faster they get!

At the end of the preliminary races on June 26th, the 6 racers with the best times will each receive a one-of-six Limited Edition Kitton––a RoboKitty atop a noble Crypton steed in Crypt-Oink and a RoboKitty Purrstige in CryptoKitties. These top 6 racers will also get entered in the Dapper Cup Final, taking place June 27th at 5:00PM PDT. They’ll compete for the Dapper Cup grand prizes, Special Edition KITT-E cats which will go to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place! 1st place will also get a Sparkles Special Edition Kitty!

Here’s how to enter the Dapper Cup:

  • If you don’t have Dapper yet, download it here
  • After downloading Dapper, head over to Crypt-Oink
  • Go through Crypto-Oink’s tutorial and claim your free Eggton (your first Crypt-Oink Crypton)
  • The time trial preliminary races will happen between 4:00 PM PDT on June 13 and 11:00 PM PDT on June 26
  • Keep entering preliminary races to train your Eggton and improve its performance!
  • The 6 fastest racers as of June 26th at 11:00 PM PDT will receive a Limited Edition Kitton and advance to the Dapper Cup Finals
  • On June 27th at 5:00PM PDT, the top 6 qualifiers for the Dapper Cup Finals will compete for Special Edition KITT-E cats, which will go to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!
  • 1st Place will also win a Sparkles one-of-one-hundred Special Edition CryptoKitty!
  • The Dapper Cup Finals will be streamed LIVE by RudeM00se

If you have any questions or concerns during the Dapper Cup, hop into discord for support from the CryptoKitties community:

Join the Dapper Cup Crypt-Oink Race

More Dapper Exclusives are on the way

With CryptoKitties and Dapper we want to provide players with the best blockchain experiences. We’re working hard at collaborating with other passionate developers in the blockchain gaming space and look forward to bringing you more unique experiences soon.