Weeks ago Page, our fearless furry squire, blew into the great horn of Catelot, releasing a great meow that rang throughout the KittyVerse and called all the greatest warriors to assemble.

Well, the first Kitty has answered that call.

Introducing Pawderick the Lancer.


*MEEOOW HISSSS. Oh, hello there. Just perfecting my battle cry. I’m Pawderick the Lancer, master of the spear and scourge of dirty rats everywhere. Catnip? Wouldn’t touch the stuff with a ten-foot pole. *

Pawderick is a three-trait Fancy with a cap of 50,000, making them a great way for new players to learn how to breed.

Shiny Cats are here

Recently, we released a new twist on Fancy Cats: Shiny Cats, which are extra rare versions of Fancy Cats with special coloration.

Learn more about Shinies in this blog post.

As a simple Fancy to breed with a high cap, Pawderick is not only a great way to learn about breeding Fancies, they're also a great candidate to try your paw at breeding a Shiny!

In fact, the first Shiny Cat ever, bred by cavcats, is a Pawderick!

Here are the genes you need to breed Pawderick

To breed this spear-flinging feline, you’ll need these three traits:

Here are the tools you need to breed a Fancy Cat

Now you know what genes you need, but how do you find them? These tricks and tools will help.

First, search your own Kitty collection to see if you already own cats with the required genes emeraldgreen-search-final

Next, search the marketplace for cats that have the ingredients you’re still missing. shamrock-emeraldgreen-search

As you can see above, you can enter multiple Cattributes in the same search to find individual Kitties that have several of the required traits. The more required traits you can find in one cat, the better your odds of breeding Pawderick.

To make your searching easier, we recommend the CK Box extension, a community-created tool that tells you a lot about a cat.

Float your cursor over any Kitty and CK Box will show you all its genes, both visible and hidden. ckbox-hidden-genes

On the top right of a Kitty’s image, CK Box will display how many required genes a Kitty has for currently breedable Fancy Cats. ck-box-fancy

When you select two Kitties to breed and enter the Breeding screen, CK Box will calculate your chances of creating your desired Fancy Cat

Let’s breed Pawderick

Now we know how to find everything we need to breed, so let’s get started.

Step one is to search your Kitties for any cats with Pawderick’s required Cattributes. If you have some, that’s great! You’ve got a head start on breeding.

Next, search the marketplace for a Kitty with the Cattributes you’re still missing. If you find a cat with the right traits for sale, you can buy it. If you find a cat with the right traits that’s up for Siring, you can breed it with your cats.

Once you’ve found two cats that have all the required genes between them, get breeding!

If at first you don’t succeed––breed, breed, breed!

It usually takes a couple tries and a little luck to breed a Fancy Cat, so if your first few attempts don’t work out, don’t surrender! Even if you fail at first, you’ll probably create a Kitty that has more of your Fancy’s required traits. Then you can breed with that Kitty for even better odds of creating Pawderick.