We got some awesome posts about CryptoKitties this morning and wanted to take the time to answer the community’s questions!

At nearly 100,000 Kitty owners, CryptoKitties remains the largest nonfinancial app on the Ethereum blockchain. In 2019, CryptoKitties processed over 2 million on-chain transactions, more than any other consumer dapp, and on-par with the most-used smart contracts on Ethereum.

That’s why we’re incredibly excited to announce the next chapter for CryptoKitties: We’re taking all of our learnings and expanding the CryptoKitties universe onto Flow, a new blockchain developed by our team specifically for mainstream consumer experiences.

CryptoKitties from Ethereum will be able to come to Flow and benefit from the possibilities of a high-throughput, fully-composable developer environment.

We will be developing CryptoKitties on Flow in stages, in the open, with community involvement and input. The most important things for us are 1) mainstream adoption of crypto applications; and 2) a universe of functionality around your Kitties.

Lola before & after

CryptoKitties-on-Flow will keep all the elements that made CryptoKitties a hit on Ethereum, but we are making a number of BIG changes to bring the mascot of blockchain to the mainstream:

  1. New look – now animated!
  2. Free to play and easy onboarding
  3. New collector mechanics
  4. Upgradable, extensible smart contracts
  5. Scalable composability for developers

We’re also going to make it a lot easier for people to understand the rarity and scarcity dynamics of CryptoKitties. Did you know that Diamond-gene Kitties have held their value even better than Gen-0s?


Community-made tools like kittyhelper.co are the best way to learn about the CryptoKitties economy

Why NFTs and crypto games are here to stay

Users spend 10-100x more on NFT assets than typical “in-game” digital assets because NFTs guarantee authenticity, scarcity, durability, and true ownership, which means NFTs have something very few digital components currently have: tradable value outside the ecosystem in which they were created. As an owner, I can sell my NFT assets at any given time – or I can keep them forever, passing them on like a family heirloom, from one generation to the next.

Most exciting is the potential for composability: because NFT assets belong to the customer, any third party developer can build functionality for them without even asking permission or striking partnership deals with the original company that created and sold the NFT. This is why CryptoKitties today is compatible with hundreds of wallets, games, and other experiences, including virtual worlds like CryptoVoxels or Decentraland.

Composability is why we built Flow: we want developers to easily build apps for the Kitties that are truly mainstream-ready – in their user experience as well as their ability to handle scale.

What Awaits Ahead

The first stage will be to deploy an upgraded version of the CryptoKitties smart contract onto Flow, in a way that makes it available for technical users in the community to play with. The new smart contract will enforce promises we’ve made about the scarcity of Kitties you love to collect, like best-in-slot genes and the 50,000 hard limit on Gen-0 cats.

The upgraded CryptoKitties smart contract will be backward compatible with the legacy genome, allowing you to bring your Kitties over to Flow to breed with both Flow-born and ETH-born Kitties. Creating a robust bridge across blockchains is not a small challenge, but we are confident in finding the right solution benefitting all Kitty owners. As we move closer to defining various bridging solutions, we are committed to actively gather feedback from the community to guide us in our decision.

Lola animated

Kitties born on Flow will have a new, upgraded look, ready for everything the new world will throw at them. The art style is much more flexible, letting us – or the community – easily extend Kitties into virtual worlds and the broader metaverse that will exist on top of Flow. The genes of any cat you choose to migrate from Ethereum to Flow will also appear with this exciting new look; your Ethereum Kitties are due for an upgrade!

We recognize the importance of on-chain art and commit to helping it flourish with CryptoKitties on Flow. We want to invite teams at the forefront of pioneering art & metadata decentralization to help us find the best solution.

While we continue development, we plan to keep supporting CryptoKitties on Ethereum with collaborations like the Momo Wang Artist Series and by improving the collecting experience so that it can expand eventually to CryptoKitties on Flow. We are sharing more details with our community on Twitter and in Discord – follow closely and join our periodic livestreams to stay in the loop.

Koshkat Exclusive

Koshkat 1/1 limited edition from Momo Wang art series

Let’s Build The Future Together

Announcing Flow Alpha: KittyVerse Track

What has inspired us most since launching CryptoKitties on Ethereum is the hundreds of applications built by community developers that integrated built-in support for the Kitties. From OpenSea to Kitty Hats and KittyRaces to CryptoVoxels and Decentraland, Kitty owners expect to take their cats anywhere they want.

We’ve written about our vision for composability and the ecosystem to emerge around NFTs – on Flow, this will finally be possible to achieve while also scaling to accommodate mainstream user base of any size. We built Flow specifically to support the composability of true consumer-scale applications like games and social networks.

We are putting our money where our mouth is and announcing multiple programs:

  1. Fast track for Flow Alpha: projects built for CryptoKitties and companion NFTs will get special consideration by our judges and mentors.
  2. Fast track for Flow Accelerator and investment: projects with early traction will be considered for investment from Dapper Labs, Axiom Zen, or our investors.

As part of the above programs, a minimum of $1,000,000 in FLOW tokens will be provided as credits to CryptoKitties owners onboarding into the Flow ecosystem to try KittyVerse apps. To learn more and apply, visit Flow Alpha. To start playing around with Cadence, the smart contract language on Flow, check out Flow Playground.

1. 38,015 Gen-0 cats currently exist. The remaining 11,985 Gen-0 cats up to the 50,000 hard cap will stay unminted and locked in the CryptoKitties Ethereum contract for the foreseeable future.