MegaCryptoPolis is a blockchain city-building game where you can buy land, construct and upgrade buildings, and build your own crypto metropolis! MegaCryptoPolis 3D is a major graphical update for MegaCryptoPolis that introduces exciting new layers to its economy and lets players enter and explore the world as their own digital citizen. The new MCP 3D update will let players:

  • Produce and trade resources, appliances, cars, and pets
  • Explore the MCP 3D world with their pet

Every pet in MCP 3D is a non-fungible ERC-721 token, just like a CryptoKitty. But they aren’t just adorable companions! They also provide buffs to your Citizen’s attributes. Plus, each pet is unique and can only be created during special, limited-time crossover events like this one!

An MCP pet created from a normal CryptoKitty can inherit up to 6 different traits that determine its color and buff type. But if you want a pet with even more purrsonality, try bringing in a cat with RoboKitty Purrstige Traits! You'll also get a MCP3D resource pack airdropped to your wallet.


The strength of your pet’s buffs is determined by the Generation of the Kitty used to create it. The lower the Generation, the stronger the buff.

You can show off your CryptoKitty pet in the upcoming MCP 3D update and use it to help you produce resources and construct buildings faster! These pets are also tradeable on marketplaces like OpenSea.

Turning a CryptoKitty into an MCP 3D pet costs 0.05 ETH –– and don’t worry, no Kitties will be harmed in the process, a new NFT is simply created for MCP 3D. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit the MCP pre-sale page and click “Get Kitty Pet”


  1. Select the Kitty you wish to convert into a pet and press “Swap.” Remember, RoboKitty Purrstige cats will give you an extra-special RoboKitty pet


  1. Reminder, every Kitty you transform into a pet will cost 0.05 ETH. Confirm the purchase on the next window


  1. Visit your “Assets” page to see your new NFT pet


That’s it! Don’t forget this is a limited time event, so be sure to visit MCP to get your Kitty pets while you can!