CryptoKitties x Blocklete Games: It's Tee Time

At CryptoKitties we’re always looking to give you more things to do with your Kitties. Earlier this year we joined forces with Blockletes to create Kitty Golfers redeemable through Kitty Tricks! With the Masters coming to a close, the time to tee off in an exclusive Kitty Golfer tournament is meow.

Our community of cool cats redeemed over 500 Kitty Golfers with unique cat-parel. These golfers are eligible to participate in an exclusive tournament lasting November 17th - 23rd with $1,000 in cash prizes!

To prepare for this multi-day competition you’ll need to dust off your Kitty Golfer NFT and get in some purractice on the course before playing for real. Never fear, we’ve outlined the necessary steps from getting your first Kitty Golfer to joining the practice tournament.

How To Get On The Dance Floor

Kitty Golfers were originally recruited during the Spring 2020 season via the Cindi Kitty Tricks collaboration. If you recruited your Kitty Golfers this way, log in to (or create) your Blocklete Games account: Blocklete Login

Once you’re logged in, you can find all of your current golfers in your Clubhouse: Blocklete Clubhouse

No Kitty Golfers Yet? No Worries!

While no more Kitty Golfers can be redeemed, you can still recruit Kitty Golfers from other players through the Blocklete Marketplace: Blocklete Marketplace

and also OpenSea: OpenSea Marketplace

Here’s a quick demo round to see how the game works on YouTube and the official gameplay FAQ from Blocklete Games to get you up to par as well.

The Scorecard and Course FAQs

  • All Kitty Golfers will be eligible to enter the Tournament, which runs from November 17th through November 23rd
  • There's a $1000 Tournament Prize Pot (paid in ETH)
  • It costs Energy to enter, which recharges over time
  • As a Golfer's Energy decreases, so does their performance
  • To learn more about Blocklete Golf, join their Discord

Time For About A Practice Round?

We'll be holding practice challenges throughout the week to give your golfers a chance to warm up before they enter the big event. Practice challenges require no energy, so you can enter without worrying about tiring your golfers before they enter the Kitty Golfer Tournament.

Join us for a stream event on Monday, November 16 at 130pm PT that will take place with Rudem00se simultaneously both the CryptoKitties Discord and also on her Twitch channel. We'll cover details about recruiting new golfers from the Blocklete Marketplace and OpenSea, registering for Challenges and Tournaments, and even some gameplay demos.

If you can't make the November 16 event, we'll be checking in on the Tournament Leaderboard status and getting some more practice rounds in during the CryptoKitties Special Event/Fancy Chase stream that will start at 10am PT on Saturday, November 21.

Keep an eye on our events page for Practice Challenge Schedules as well as the Blocklete Games event page for Tournament updates!