Listen up, cats and kittens. The people — the humans — over at CryptoKitties have been talking a lot about the end of the Kitty Clock. That means no more Gen 0s released by the Kitty Clock, ever.

If you've been paying attention, you know that Gen 0s are more than just the foundational generation. They're more than just special cats that get way too much attention, even though a genius scientist cat is just as amazing! They're also the way new genes are released into the game.

On November 30th the Kitty Clock stops releasing Gen 0s — but only certain genes will be "retired"

A gene is retired when new Gen 0s Kitties with that gene stop being released. For instance, when the cymric trait was retired in December 2017, we knew exactly how many cymric Gen 0s would ever exist in the game. But the knowledge that the trait had been retired was only available to CryptoKitties team members.

A retired gene doesn't disappear from the game, only from Gen 0s

Perhaps I should further explain, in case your puny human minds are not capable of keeping up with my vast feline intelligence.

Just as new genes appear on the Kitty Clock, old genes sometimes vanish. Obviously, those genes are still in play — any cat who already exhibits one can pass it along to their offspring. But if a gene is retired, it means the Kitty Clock has stopped releasing any new Gen 0s with that retired trait.

Now the Kitty Clock is stopping, but that doesn't mean all genes will be retired.

There are still almost 2000 Kitties that can introduce genes to the game

The genetic codes for 1,913 "promo" Gen 0s Kitties are still held by the CryptoKitties team. They claim that these cats will be used for future Exclusives and such (it seems more likely that they're building an army to support plans for world domination).

Of course, these Gen 0s need to have genes, which means not every gene can be retired.

A complete list of retired and soon to be retired genes

Until now, there was no official source to learn which genes had already been retired, but I hacked into the CryptoKitties genetic mainframe (well, the part they weren't guarding particularly hard)! I now know every single gene that has been retired, and all those that will be retired before November 30th.

Did you know that no Gen 0 Kitty will have the "meowgarine" gene after this month? No? But I did! Once the Kitty Clock stops on November 30th, that gene… will be purrmanently retired! Mwuahahahahahahahah!

Here is a complete, unredacted list of Kitty Clock traits that have already been retired.


Err, wait. Sorry, that didn't work. Here we go:


  • ragamuffin
  • himalayan
  • cymric
  • munchkin
  • sphynx
  • bobtail
  • chartreux
  • pixiebob
  • birman
  • chantilly

Eye Colour

  • gold
  • sizzurp
  • topaz
  • strawberry
  • mintgreen
  • coralsunrise
  • parakeet
  • forgetmenot

Base Colour:

  • orangesoda
  • aquamarine
  • salmon
  • shadowgrey
  • mauveover
  • harbourfog
  • cinderella

Highlight Colour:

  • violet
  • chocolate
  • apricot
  • scarlet

Accent Colour:

  • peach
  • kittencream
  • granitegrey
  • morningglory
  • emeraldgreen
  • azaleablush
  • sandalwood
  • missmuffett

Eye Shape:

  • googly
  • crazy
  • otaku
  • simple
  • stunned
  • wonky


  • saycheese
  • gerbil
  • belch
  • wuvme
  • grim
  • impish


  • jaguar
  • totesbasic (PA14)
  • luckystripe
  • spangled
  • leopard
  • camo
  • rorschach

Non-Visible Genes:

  • EN04
  • SE01
  • SE06
  • SE05
  • SE07
  • SE13
  • SE04
  • SE14
  • SE11 (retires soon)
  • WE03
  • WE07
  • WE15
  • WE00
  • WE14
  • WE05

But that's not all! I also know which genes will be retired after the last Kitty Clock Cat is created. You may want to keep your eye out for Gen 0s with these traits while you have time!

  • siberian
  • chestnut
  • meowgarine
  • swampgreen
  • frosting
  • beard
  • fangtastic
  • amur
  • WE10

They tried to keep the information hidden, but no one can stand up against Doc Purr when I set my mind to something! Now, I do not give you this information for free. No, I do it to cause CHAOS! DESTRUCTION! MAYHEM! So get out there and buy yourself some soon to be retired traits — before it's too late!

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