Squid cats oozing lava. Cats that hold the world in their paws. Cats made of poutine, pickles, and pizza.

Fancy Cats are a big part of what makes CryptoKitties weird. We love them, you love them, their parents love them (although they try not to be helicopters). But now that the Kitty Clock has ended, Fancy Cat recipes are getting a small overhaul.

Without Gen 0s, new traits are — probably — a thing of the past

Before the Kitty Clock ended, we released new genes into the game via new Gen 0s. And since a new Gen 0 was coming out every 15 minutes, it was a pretty easy (and predictable) process! But no new Gen 0s = no new genes.

> That means we won't have new genes to include in new Fancy recipes.

Fancy recipes are now available in time-limited windows

Here's the hot take: new Fancies will occasionally use a set of traits that already exist as a cat in the game.

But since most Fancy recipes have been time-limited for a while now, it isn't actually a big change. To be born as a Fancy, a Kitty needs to have all the traits in the recipe and be born within the window for that Fancy.

Some windows will be long; others will be short; others will be based on number of breeds

Most windows will have a specific start date and end date, but some will have a specific start date and will only close once a set number of that Fancy has been bred. Some Fancies might only be breedable for a day or two, while a big chunk of Year Two Fancies will be available straight through the end of Year Two — right up to 11:59 am on November 30, 2019.

Stay tuned for the first Year Two Fancy

Draco is the last of our Year One Fancies. Draco can no longer be bred (but you can still find them on the marketplace!), which means our very next Fancy will fit this new model.

We'll chase that Fancy on December 15 in a live stream hosted by community favourite, rudem00se. Stay tuned to Twitter for more details about timing and for the traits you'll need to unlock the Fancy.

Remember, there are trillions of cat combinations

A while ago, we posted an article about imaginary Kitties that had trait combinations no one had ever bred. We chose eight cats for that list, but there are trillions more!

Even though Fancies will be _able _ to use trait combinations that already exist, we're keeping the chases to rarer combinations. That means most Fancy recipes will still use trait combinations that exist on zero or few Kitties — so keep breeding strange, never-before-seen combinations. Doc Purr only knows what you might find…

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