CryptoKitties is, at its heart, a breeding game. If you fancy yourself an explorer, you can breed any two cats together and wait to see what their child will look like.

But what if you're trying to breed a specific Kitty? Like, for example, our football-loving feline Squib? Well, then it gets a little more complicated.

All cats have genes, but only CryptoKitties have Cattributes!

The way a CryptoKitty looks is defined by its Cattributes, or visible genes. But Kitties also have invisible genes, which is why you can breed together two cats with the razzledazzle pattern and sometimes end up with a cat with the spangled pattern!

Every cat has a certain percentage chance of passing its genes onto its offspring. The math can get pretty complicated — or you can use a tool like CKBox to help you figure it out (more on that below).

There are all kinds of reasons you might want to breed a cat with specific Cattributes or genes. Maybe you want to breed a cat that looks exactly like your real-life furbaby. Or, maybe you're dying for a purple cat standing under a raincloud to honor Prince (which, by the way, would be awesome).

But often, if you're hunting down a specific recipe, it's because you're trying to unlock a Fancy Cat.

What makes a Fancy Cat so Fancy, huh?

A Fancy Cat is a special kind of CryptoKitty. It has special, limited-edition art, and it can only be born and bred within a particular window, usually an amount of time or until a set number of Fancies are bred. Fancies also have a very specific genetic recipe — to breed one, you have to breed a cat with the exact genes, during that set window.

Why do people want Fancy Cats so much?

Fancy Cats are some of the rarest cats in the game, which make them particularly valuable. They have limited editions and cool art, which makes them even more fun to collect. The Fancy we're going to use to teach you how to chase is a football superstar named Squib.

Okay - let's get started!

What do you need?

CKBox is a Google Chrome extension that identifies what genes your Kitties have. It’s not absolutely necessary to breed Squib, but it definitely helps. Let's breed a Squib!

We mentioned that Fancy Cats have a recipe. That means that you need to have a cat with a certain set, or mix, of genes.

You won't be able to find one cat with all those genes, though — otherwise it would already be a Squib! Instead, you'll have to find two cats that have a combination of all the genes between them.

You'll then breed them together until you create an offspring that inherits all the right traits!

You'll be looking for cats that have these genes:

To breed a Squib, we need cats that have the required Cattributes.

We can easily search our Kitties and the marketplace for Kitties that have oldlace, rollercoaster, buzzed, and razzledazzle.

Once you find Kitties with the required traits, either buy them and breed them with your own Kitties, or hire them to sire with your Kitties. Even if you don't breed a Squib right away, you might breed a Kitty that has two or three of the required traits, which you can then pair up to try and breed our target Fancy again.

It often takes a bunch of breeds, or a lot of good luck, to breed a Fancy. But the more you do it, the better you get because you'll have more Kitties around, and you'll have a better sense of how to find the best breeding pairs.

So go on, get breeding. And good luck!