Every CryptoKitty is born with a set of 48 genes. Some of those genes are expressed visually; we call those Cattributes, and they define your Kitty’s art, like what shape of ears it has. Others are hidden, and can be found using third-party tools (we’ll hook you up later in the article with those).

Purrstige Traits are a very special kind of Cattribute. They’re challenging to breed, rewarding to unlock, and create some of CryptoKitties’ coolest cats.

What are Purrstige Traits?

Purrstige Traits are Cattributes that are only breedable for a limited amount of time. Every Purrstige Trait has a special recipe that needs both Cattributes and hidden genes.

To breed a kitten with a Purrstige Trait, a player needs the right combination of Cattributes and hidden genes in the two parent cats.

Why breed Purrstige Traits?

Breeding a Purrstige Trait can be challenging, but it’s rewarding too. Because Purrstige Traits are time-limited, they’re particularly rare — and especially valued as a result.

Plus, Purrstige Traits are always a nice visual treat, creating some of the game’s most beautiful and unique cats.

reindeer interior2

What do you need to breed Purrstige Traits?

There are two tools that help you breed a Kitten with a Purrstige Trait:

  • Heaven.cat Finder will search for Kitties with hidden genes
  • CKBox is a Google Chrome extension that identifies the Kitties with hidden genes that you own

What are the Purrstige Traits you can breed right now?

Right now, Kitties can be born with three special Holiday Purrstige traits: the magnificent antlers of reindeer, the baubly decorated antlers of holidaycheer, and the bright Rudolph-inspired lit nose.

To breed reindeer, you need the following Cattributes and hidden genes:

To breed holidaycheer, you need the following Cattributes and hidden genes:

  • Cattribute: Elk
  • Hidden: One of Purrstige Genes #28-29 (PU28 or PU29)

To breed lit, you need the following Cattributes and hidden genes:

  • Cattribute: Elk
  • Hidden: Purrstige Gene #30 (PU30)

How to breed Purrstige Traits: a step-by-step guide

To begin, you need to decide on the Purrstige Trait you want to breed.

In this example, we’ll breed “lit”.

  • Cattribute: Elk
  • Hidden: Purrstige Gene #30 (PU30)

Begin by going to your CryptoKitties profile with CKBox installed. We’re looking for PU30, a hidden Purrstige gene.


Unfortunately, we don’t have any kitties with PU30—if we did, the gene card would display it in bold.


If you have a whole lot of Kitties, it can be time-consuming to scroll through every page manually. But we can search our whole profile at once using the Heaven.cat Finder!

Visit https://heaven.cat/find and connect your wallet. Then:

  • Select “D0” to only search dominant/primary genes.
  • Type PU30 in the search field and select it from the drop-down to add it to your search.
  • Click “Advanced” and press the “Add my wallet” button so that Kitty finder will only search your Kitties.
  • Press search to see if you have any PU30 Kitties already.


Since we don’t have any Kitties with the hidden gene we need, we’re going to search the marketplace.

  • Click your wallet to remove it from the search parameters.
  • Select the “Sale” checkbox, and sort by Lowest sale price
  • Search the market for Kitties with the PU30 gene.


Wow, look at all those delicious Kitties!

Now that we’ve found Kitties with the hidden Purrstige gene, we can buy one (or Sire with it) and breed it with an Elk Kitty from our litter (or the marketplace, if you don’t own one)! The more times you breed them together, the more chances that one of their kittens will be lit.

With a bit of holiday luck, we’ll breed a lit Kitty of our very own. Yay!

Do you have any cats with these hidden genes?

Download CKBox, then head to your profile to find out!