In July, 2018, we secretly created Furlin, an exclusive wizard-themed Kitty to honor the talented people that built tools or experiences for the CryptoKitties community, and surprised them by quietly apparating them into their wallets.

We keep an eye on the things our community builds, always looking for ideas that delight users or solve problems. Often, they build the things they themselves need or want. These tools aren’t always on our roadmap, but they provide immense value to other players.

So, to say thanks, we tracked down the most active community members –– easy enough, they’re super active, after all –– gathered their wallet addresses, and slipped these magical cats into their wallets! It took fifteen minutes before someone noticed and was such a treat watching folks freak out in Discord.

Meet Jordan and Alan

Jordan and Alan are two key members of the CryptoKitties team. Many community members already know them, because we hired Jordan and Alan from the community. In the game’s early days they created KittyCalc, among the first and most useful third-party CryptoKitties tools.

As our loudest community advocates, Jordan and Alan handed out the Furlins. But even though we created Furlins for them, too, these humble cats chose not to deposit them in their own wallets.

Taking one for the team

Today, we’re finally gifting these wizards their well-deserved wizard cats for their combined work on KittyCalc. We want to shine a spotlight on just how pawesome these two are!

Many players still use KittyCalc to determine which cats they should buy or breed. In the dark days before KittyCalc, folks relied on spreadsheets that were a headache to maintain and usually inaccurate. Alan and Jordan's early understanding of the game helped make KittyCalc so successful (and was why we wanted them on our team)!

Beyond KittyCalc, Alan paved the trail for original art on KittyHats and supported other people to ensure their art could look good on cats too. He’s always listening and ensures community voices are heard. He’s involved in more CryptoKitties projects than humanly (or feline-ly) possible, always providing a community perspective and making sure we keep our players front of mind.

Jordan is the go-to for KittyVerse devs. When they want help refining their products or perspective on what the community needs, they talk to him. He wants to help people be better players –– even building a tool to effectively support as many people as possible.

It’s long overdue, but we’re excited to finally gift these two their well-earned Furlins! They join a notable list of makers that have made a pawsitive impact in the community. Thank you to all our majestic Furlins for making CryptoKitties the best it can be.

If you're interested in contributing to the CryptoKitties community yourself, consider building something for the KittyVerse!