Fancy Variants are not new to CryptoKitties - we've seen them before with Boot and Robin. They're types of Fancy Cats that carry the same name, but have slight visual differences such as application of colors, bio descriptions or even props. These subtle differences have allowed for varying degrees of rarity among the same Fancy type, though it has historically required community-created resources to fully understand the variations.

We're working to make this clearer, both for established breeders and new collectors, by introducing Fancy Variant badges to the Kitty profiles, and adding the Variant:(variation name) search filters to the CryptoKitties website similar to the Fancy and Purrstige badges. You'll see these changes rolled out starting with the Winter 2020 Fancy Family - we'll be adding the badges to past Fancy variants as well.

The new Fancy Variant badges will sit alongside the standard Fancy badge and display the current count for that Fancy Variant type during an open window, and the Fancy Variant Number/Total Fancy Variant Count once the window closes. What this means is you'll now see Fancies that have variations that may be a #5 of that total Fancy type, but also a #1 of that particular variation. The badges are intended to provide immediate clarity about the rarity of the Fancy, and searchability on the CryptoKitties site as well.