A non-fungible token (NFT) like a CryptoKitty is a collectible you can keep with you for life, carrying from experience to experience, creating more memories with each one. For us, this is one of the most exciting things about blockchain: interoperability, the idea that your digital assets aren’t tied to one game, but can be brought from one decentralized experience to interact with another.

Since CryptoKitties are the adorable mascots of blockchain, they naturally had to try their paw at interoperability. That’s why some special Kitties can unlock special features in other dapps.

Read on to learn more about Kitty Tricks, interoperability, and the new ways you can play with your cats.

What are Kitty Tricks?

Think of Kitty Tricks as superpowers held by some CryptoKitties. These powers let your cats unlock cool hidden features in other dapps, exclusive to these specific NFTs, creating exciting new ways to play with your cats. With every new ability, your Kitties gain more utility and grow more valuable and fun.

How do I know if a Kitty has special powers?

You can see if a cat has special powers by looking for the Kitty Tricks icon on its Kitty Card and Kitty Page. Hovering over the Kitty Tricks badge in the bottom right corner of the Kitty Card will give you more info about that cat's abilities:


Each Kitty Trick is a one-time consumable, so use it carefully! Once you bring a cat into another dapp and activate its powers, its Kitty Trick badge will update back on its Kitty Card in CryptoKitties.


Some Kitty Tricks are also time sensitive, so if you don't use them in the allotted time window, you're out of luck. Your cat's Kitty Tricks icon will show how much time you have left to use that Kitty's abilities:


What kinds of things can Kitty Tricks do?

One of the first examples of Kitty Tricks belongs to our lactose-loving Fancy Cat Curdlin. This Kitty is no amateur, birthday party magician pulling rabbits from hats, but a true wizard that conjures magic when brought into this summer’s blockbuster blockchain experience: Cheeze Wizards.

Cheeze Wizards is a blockchain battle royale (with cheese) from the team behind CryptoKitties. Players use ether to summon Cheeze Wizards, each of which is a non-fungible token (NFT), to compete in a series of duels that make up the Cheeze Wizard Tournament. Every Wizard summoned adds to the ether grand prize that comes with the title of Big Cheeze. When a player defeats an opponent in a duel they gain power proportional to the size of their victory. At the end of the tournament the winning Wizard claims the title and prize of Big Cheeze.

The first Cheeze Wizard Tournament kicks off this summer, when you’ll be able to summon your own Cheeze Wizards and compete for a Big Cheeze that’s already over 600 ETH! Sign up for Cheeze Wizards today to keep updated when the tournament begins.

What does Curdlin do in Cheeze Wizards?

Bringing Curdlin into Cheeze Wizards unlocks special cosmetics for your Wizards. What your Curdlin can do depends on its generation:

  • If your Curdlin is generation 4 or lower, you can use its meowstical abilities to permanently transform one of your Cheeze Wizards into a Kitty Wizard with special art and access an exclusive side quest to earn ETH
  • If your Curdlin is generation 5 or above, you can give one of your Cheeze Wizards a very fashionable Kitty Hat that unlocks a different exclusive side quest


Kitty Tricks are just a taste of what interoperability can offer

We want to make enjoying your Kitties in other decentralized experiences as easy as playing with them in CryptoKitties. The more you can do with your Kitties, the more fun you’ll have together and the more precious they’ll grow.

We don’t want your Kitties to be one toy tied to one game, because that wouldn't be taking advantage of blockchain's capabilities. Blockchain grants you true ownership over your digital assets, the freedom to use them whenever, wherever, and however you want.

Interoperability like that creates an open ecosystem. Players, developers, and the original dapp creators all benefit, but players ultimately decide what’s important by choosing where they spend their cryptocurrency and what they do with their NFTs.

Developers who build on top of existing code not only scratch their own itch, but also extend the reach of the original creator’s product by updating it and bringing in new audiences. This cycle––developers build, players play, other developers build on top––creates trust between all parties. The more the members of a cryptonetwork collaborate, the more useful that network becomes, and the stronger it grows.

Curdlin is just the beginning. We’re collaborating with other passionate developers in the blockchain gaming space to bring you more unique experiences soon.

But for now, why not breed a Curdlin, sign up for Cheeze Wizards, and try out interoperability for yourself?

And if you’re a blockchain developer with an idea of how your project could interoperate with CryptoKitties, get in touch!

Get Curdlin!