Does this story sound familiar? You come across your dream Kitty. The sumptuous fur, the enticing pattern, the dazzling eyes –– perfection. Plus, it's got the exact traits you're looking to breed with. The only problem? It doesn’t belong to you, and it’s not for sale.

Well, dry your tears, cool cat, because starting today there’s something you can do about it.

Introducing: Offers.

Put your ETH where your snoot is

The Offers system lets players make a bid, in ETH, on any Kitty, even if it’s not up for sale. So if you find a Kitty you love, you could entice the owner to part with it.

Here’s where it gets interesting: another player can pledge more and outbid your offer. In that case, the original bidder must raise their offer or kiss the Kitty goodbye. A special Kitty could kick off a serious bidding war.

Here’s how Offers work

You can bid on any Kitty in the game. If an Offer isn’t accepted or declined, it expires after three days.

The owner only sees the highest current bid on their Kitty. So if someone outbids you –– you’ll get notified when this happens –– raise your offer right away to ensure it's on top.

Placing an offer incurs a fee of 9% of the total offer value. The entire sum of the offer, plus the fee, is collected up front. How much the bidder actually gets charged at the end of the offer, however, depends on what happens:

  • If the owner accepts the offer, you pay the offer amount and the 9% fee. If you cancel your offer early, you fully recoup your offered amount, but still pay the 9% fee.
  • If your offer is outbid or expires, your ether is automatically returned, but instead of the 9% fee you pay a flat rate of 0.008 ETH.
  • If an owner declines your offer, you aren’t immediately refunded. You can choose to cancel early and pay the 9% fee, or wait for the offer to expire after three days and only pay 0.008 ETH.

Once the player placing the offer pays the rate and fees, the money is held in escrow by the smart contract until the offer is accepted, canceled, or expires. That means only you and the offer recipient can affect the fate of your ETH: they can accept the offer and claim the ETH, or you can cancel it and take your ether back. The only thing Dapper Labs ever collects is the 9% offer fee or the 0.008 ETH flat rate.

Are fees set permanently?

The fees aren't set in stone. We’re starting with 9% and will experiment with different rates and offer durations to find the right balance. Whenever we tweak fees we’ll let you know in advance.

Why did we create Offers?

Considering all the possible Cattribute combinations, there are literally trillions of potential Kitties. Sometimes, you find that perfect one-in-a-trillion Kitty, but a cruel twist of fate has bequeathed it to another player. Maybe you just love the look of it, or maybe it has the exact combination of super-rare traits you're looking for.

Now, you’re no longer condemned to pine from afar. There’s something you can do about it.

For those receiving offers, it’s an effortless way to make some ETH. What appears to you an average, everyday Kitty might be a treasure to someone else.

Offers add another dimension to buying and selling Kitties and another way to grow your collection.

Enjoy Everything CryptoKitties has to Offer(s)

What are you waiting for? You’ve got a brand new way to collect your dream Kitty, so get out there and make ‘em an offer they can’t refuse!