We all remember when Momo-chan and Negato, the beloved ninja Kitties, appeared in CryptoKitties, dispensing justice, catrops, and licks.

Well, it turns out these two Kitties are not the only ninjas in the Kittyverse. There’s a whole cabal of feline martial arts masters, stalking silently through CryptoKitties and stirring up trouble. Meet Glasswalker: the justice, the answer, the righteous cause.

Glasswalker moves with incredible cat-like stealth (duh), can split a whisker down the middle at 31 paces with a ninja star, and loves to snuggle.

CryptoKitties is all about breeding

In CryptoKitties, you can breed any two cats together to create an entirely new, often surprising Kitty that’s a mix of its parents. But if you're trying to breed a specific Kitty, you need to take a more scientific approach. Today we’re going to teach you how to breed this Fancy Cat with impressive martial arts skills.

We chased Glasswalker the Ninja Kitty on Saturday Caturday, March 2nd. Now you have until end of day (PST) on March 9th, 2019 to breed this Fancy –– although legends say Glasswalker is just one member of a legendary Ninja Kitty clan, and more of their compatriots may be discovered eventually...

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How to breed your own Ninja Kitty

It all starts with a recipe.

Every CryptoKitty has a set of genes. Some of them are visible, they’re primary genes that affect how the cat looks, and we call those genes Cattributes. Some are hidden with ninja-like efficiency: the cat has them in their genetics, but they are recessive and do not influence the cat’s appearance.

When you breed two Kitties together, their children inherit a mix of the parents’ genes. The offspring will receive both primary and hidden traits. This means a Kitten can have a Cattribute in its appearance that shows up visibly in neither of its parents.

You’ll never see Glasswalker until it’s too late, or you breed their specific genetic recipe, which is this:

Find the right cats to make the Fancy you want

You could just buy two Glasswalkers and breed them together, which is the easiest way to get a new ninja. But it’s not the most fun or challenging method, and it can be pricey. Instead, why not find two parents who have all the Cattributes you need between them and give it a shot yourself?

Every gene in a cat’s DNA has a certain probability of passing onto its offspring. Primary traits are more likely to pass on, while recessive ones are less likely. The math can get complicated, so we recommend CKBox. It’s a Google Chrome extension that can tell you the exact percentage chance of each parent’s genes to pass on before you breed.

If you don’t already own Kitties with the Cattributes you need, you can search the marketplace for a Kitty with the right Cattributes, and then either buy that Kitty or breed with it.

Let's breed a ninja!

Our first step is to let loose like a kid in a candy shoppe finding Kitties that have two or three of the four required traits. For example, you can buy one cat with Cloudwhite, Henna, and Pearl.

Now we need a Kitty that at least has the Firedup Cattribute. You can buy this second cat, or you can find one for Sire on the Siring marketplace and breed with it. To maximize your chances of breeding Glasswalker, try to find a second cat that has a mix of some of the other Cattributes, too. For example, you could go for a Firedup, Cloudwhite, Henna Kitty.

This is when you check what your chances of passing on each of the required Cattributes are; the CK Box extension will show you that info in a drop-down menu on the breeding screen. You can click each required Cattribute for a Fancy recipe to see your overall chance of hitting all of them in one breed.

Are you up to the challenge?

It often takes multiple breeds and a little luck to breed a Fancy. Even if you don't breed your Fancy Cat the first time around, you might breed a Kitty that has more of the required traits, which will improve your odds of breeding the Fancy the next time.

So go on, get breeding. Keep one eye on those black-as-onyx shadows. And good luck!