Fancy Cats just got fancier! Last weekend we revealed a new twist to Fancies: Shiny Cats. Shinies are extra-rare versions of Fancies that have special coloration.

Starting today, specific new Fancy Cat breeds have a chance to come out as a Shiny Fancy.

Shinies are already appearing in the game. Huge congrats to cavkats, the player who bred the first ever Shiny!

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How to get yourself a Shiny

The likelihood of breeding a Shiny is based on the number of Fancy-required primary genes in the parents. Without revealing too much about the Shiny formula, here are some guidelines:

  • If you breed a Kitty with 3 out of 4 required Fancy traits with another 3/4 Kitty, you’ll have a 1/196 chance of a resulting Fancy being born Shiny.
  • If you breed a Kitty with 2 out of 3 required Fancy traits with another 2/3 Kitty, you’ll have a better than 1/262 chance of a resulting Fancy being born Shiny.
  • However, breeding together two Kitties where either possesses all required Fancy traits (e.g. 3/3 or 4/4) will never create a Shiny Cat.
  • In general, more improbable breeds––pairing a 2/4 Kitty with another 2/4 Kitty, for instance––grant higher chances of any resulting Fancy being Shiny.

Since the odds of creating a Shiny Fancy rely on the parents’ relevant primary genes, stacking relevant hidden genes in both parents is your best bet to breed a Shiny Fancy.

How to start chasing Shinies

Our most dedicated community breeders are already hard at work deciphering the Shiny formula. You can join them in the CryptoKitties Discord channel, where cool cats share tips and tricks and show off their best breeds.

If you're looking for an easy-to-breed Fancy that could come out Shiny, look no further than our latest Fancy Cat, Pawderick. Learn how to breed Pawderick here.

KittyHelper, a helpful dashboard created by CryptoKitties community members, lists all currently breedable Fancy Cats on their homepage.

Take a look and get breeding!