Monster Month continues at CryptoKitties with our second Monster Fancy Cat, Magmeow. You may notice a resemblance with Squiddlesworth, but it seems this magma loving Kitty has grown even more hotheaded!

Magmeow was discovered in our community Fancy chase this past Saturday, June 22nd, and is breedable from now until 11:59 PM PDT, June 26, 2019.

Check out this fiery feline, but keep your distance:


Mwuahahaha! Squiddlesworth? Who’s that? I go by Magmeow these days. I have a fiery reputation as a hothead, but I can melt even the coldest hearts. Sometimes, though, the pressure just builds up and up and up inside me, and I just need to vent. Trust me, you don’t want to be around when that happens.

Here are the genes you need to breed Magmeow

To breed this master of magma, you’ll need these genes:

Here are the tools you need to breed a Fancy Cat

Now you know what genes you need, but how do you find them? These tricks and tools will help.

  • First, search your own Kitty collection to see if you already own cats with the required genes emeraldgreen-search-final
  • Next, search the marketplace for cats that have the ingredients you’re still missing. shamrock-emeraldgreen-search

You can enter multiple Cattributes in the same search to find individual Kitties that have several of the required traits. The more required traits you can find in one cat, the better your odds of breeding Magmeow.

To make your searching easier, we recommend installing the CK Box extension, a community-created tool that tells you a lot about a cat:

  • Float your cursor over any Kitty and CK Box will show you all its genes, both visible and hidden ckbox-hidden-genes
  • On the top right of a Kitty’s image, CK Box will display how many required genes a Kitty has for currently breedable Fancy Cats ck-box-fancy
  • When you select two Kitties to breed and enter the Breeding screen, CK Box will calculate your chances of creating your desired Fancy Cat

Let’s breed Magmeow

Now we know how to find everything we need to breed this meowing monstrosity, so let’s get started.

Step one is to search your Kitties for any cats with Magmeow’s required Cattributes. If you have some, that’s great! You’ve got a head start on breeding.

Next, search the marketplace for a Kitty with the Cattributes you’re still missing. If you find a cat with the right traits for sale, you can buy it. If you find a cat with the right traits that’s up for Siring, you can breed it with your cats.

Once you’ve found two cats that have all the required genes between them, get breeding!

If at first you don’t succeed—breed, breed, breed!

It often takes multiple breeds and a little luck to breed a Fancy Cat, so if your first few attempts don’t work out, don’t get catty! Even if you fail at first, you may create a Kitty that has more of the required traits. You can then use that Kitty to breed for even better odds of creating Magmeow.

Now get breeding!