A new scallywag has sailed into CryptoKitties. Along with a shipful of booty, this Fancy Cat has brought seven limited-time Purrstige Traits. Meet Furbeard!


Avast ye! I'm the dread pirate Furbeard, and I'll most likely scratch you in the morning. This Old Salt knows a few tricks: how to avoid a meowtiny, how to get out of swabbing the litter deck, and just where the captain's log is buried. Beware the Krakitten in the briny deep. Or is that Pickles?

Furbeard is breedable now until 11:59 PM PDT on April 26th, 2019. The seven Pirate Purrstige Traits are breedable until 11:59 PM PDT on May 9th, 2019.

Read on to find out how to breed them all!

Here are the genes you need to breed Furbeard

To breed your own swashbuckling Kitty you’ll need these traits:

You’ll need to breed two cats that have all three of the above traits between them. If a required gene is present in both parents, it’s much more likely to pass on to the offspring.

The tools you need to breed a Fancy Cat

Now you know what genes you need, but how do you find them? These tricks and tools will help.

  • First, search your own Kitty collection to see if you already own cats with the required genes


  • Next, search the marketplace for cats that have the ingredients you’re still missing. shamrock-emeraldgreen-search

You can enter multiple Cattributes in the same search to find individual Kitties that have several of the required traits. The more required traits you can find in one cat, the better your odds of breeding Clover.

To make your searching easier, we recommend installing the CK Box extension, a community-created tool that tells you a lot about a cat:

  • Float your cursor over any Kitty and CK Box will show you all its genes, both visible and hidden Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 4.03.29 PM
  • Second, on the top right of a Kitty’s image, CK Box will display how many required genes a Kitty has for currently breedable Fancy Cats ck-box-fancy

-Finally, when you select two Kitties to breed and enter the Breeding screen, CK Box will calculate your chances of creating your desired Fancy Cat

Let's breed Furbeard!

Now we know how to find everything we need to breed Furbeard, so let’s get started.

Step one is search your Kitties to see if you have any cats with Furbeard’s required Cattributes. If you do, that’s great! You’ve got a head start to breeding Furbeard.

Next, search the marketplace for a Kitty with the Cattributes you’re still missing. If you find a cat with the right traits for sale, you can buy it. If you find a cat with the right traits that’s up for Siring, you can breed it with your cats.

Once you’ve found two cats that have all the required genes between them, get breeding!

How to breed the Pirate Purrstige Traits

Furbeard didn’t arrive empty pawed, he brought along several pirate-themed Purrstige Traits! You can breed them until 11:59 PM PDT on May 9th, 2019. Each one gives your Kitty some pirate flair.

Blog Interim

What is a Purrstige Trait, anyway?

Every CryptoKitty is born with a set of 48 genes. You can see some of those genes in your Kitty; we call genes that are visible Cattributes, and they define how your Kitty looks, like the shape of its ears, the pattern of its fur, or the color of its eyes.

Other genes don’t affect how your cat looks. They’re hidden, but can be found using third-party tools (which we’ll share below).

Purrstige Traits are special Cattributes that require both visible and hidden genes to breed and are breedable only for a limited time. They’re tougher to hit than normal traits, so they’re rewarding to unlock and create some of CryptoKitties’ coolest cats. And because they’re time-limited, they’re particularly rare — so especially precious.

To breed a Kitty with a Purrstige Trait, you need the right combination of Cattributes and hidden genes in the parents.

How to breed the Pirate Purrstige Traits

There are two base traits you need to breed every Pirate Purrstige Trait. One is a regular trait, the other is a hidden trait.

When you’re trying to breed with hidden traits, two trusted third-party tools are super helpful:

  • Heaven.Cat: HeavenCat lets you search for Kitties in the marketplace that have hidden traits.
  • CKBox: As we mentioned above, CKBox is a Chrome extension that tells you a lot about a Kitty, including any hidden traits it might possess. Note that CKBox uses different names for the hidden traits, such as "feat10" for WE10.

Now that you’ve got the tools, here are the recipes you need to breed all seven Pirate Purrstige traits:

  • WE10 + PU26 (scratchingpost)
  • WE10 + PU27 (hooked)
  • WE10 + PU29 (landlubber)
  • EN00 + PU26 (wrecked)
  • EN01 + PU26 (purrbados)
  • EN00 + WE10 + PU26 (timbers)
  • EN01 + WE10 + PU26 (maraud)

There you go! What swashbuckling furballs will you breed?

If at first you don’t succeed—breed, breed, breed!

It often takes multiple breeds and a little luck to breed a Fancy or Purrstige Trait, so if your first few attempts don’t work out, don’t walk the plank! Even if you fail at first, you may create a Kitty that has more of the required traits. You can then use that Kitty to breed for even better odds of creating Furbeard or a Pirate Purrstige Trait. Now hoist your sails and get breeding!

Set sails to the Marketplace!