What are Purrstige Kitties?


Purrstige Kitties are similar to Fancy Cats in that they can only be created using limited-time breeding recipes. A key difference is that Fancy Cats tend to have very unique and stylized art that entirely reimagines the Kitties and their genetics - with Purrstige Kitties, they remain closer to their traditional appearances, having unique visible genetic and/or aesthetic modifications.

Purrstige (PU) genes are some of the hidden genes that each CryptoKitty has, and by default they have no impact on the visual appearance of the Kitties. To understand how PU genes are created, check out the Kitty.fyi Purrstige gene chart.

The Purrstige Trait recipes include both Cattributes (the visible genes, or base wild/environment genes which aren't technically visible because they only exist as mutations) and hidden PU genes. Depending on the recipe, you'll be using a specific PU gene, or one from a range of PU genes, for these Kitties. When Purrstige recipes are active, the PU genes can be activated in combination with other traits to create Purrstige Traits (the genetic combo works as a single trait in this case).

How do I find Purrstige genes?

Visual Cattributes can be found using the search feature of the CryptoKitties website. You can search your own collection or the marketplace this way, as well as enter multiple Cattributes in the same search to find Kitties with several desired traits.

Purrstige genes are hidden, which means you'll need to be extra resourceful to find them. Luckily, the cool cats of the community have created some amazing resources to help with this!

CKBox is a Chrome extension that allows you to view all of the Kitty genes right on the CryptoKitties website.

  • Once you have it installed, click the CKBox icon at the top of your browser:


  • Clicking the icon will display a card above each Kitty on the CryptoKitties website with their genetic composition. You can also "pin" a Kitty in your browser for matchmaking later:


KittyHelper is also a great resource to search your collection (or all of CryptoKitties!).

  • You can log into KittyHelper using your MetaMask or Dapper wallet, and use the navigation menu on the left side of the page to find the search feature:


  • Selecting 'Search' will provide a dashboard that you can use to define a search as specific as you'd like - using your own Kitties, or those available for sale, sire or adoption:


How do I make a Purrstige Kitty?

As with any other CryptoKitty breeding, Purrstige Kitties inherit their genes from their parents. The more required genes that are present in each parent, the more likely they are to pass on to the offspring. Any Kitty born during an active Purrstige Recipe window that has all required recipe traits (as dominant, or P0, genes) will be born as a Purrstige Kitty!

Stocking your collection with a wide pool of genes is always helpful so you'll be ready when the Purrstige Recipes are announced! Using the community tools to search for Kitties that have the recipe components, and checking the Wrapped Kitties Adoption account are excellent ways to progress toward your Purrstige goals. Using the Siring Market to introduce new genetics to your collection is also a great way to prepare for the Purrstige Kitties when it's time!

In addition to helping find specific genes, you can use CKBox or KittyHelper to check your odds before submitting a breed.

  • You can filter for desired genes in CKBox either by clicking the genes of the kitty you have pinned, or you can type the gene names in the text box and use the auto-fill feature to add your desired criteria.
  • CKBox will show the probability for the genes you've specified near the bottom of each of the Kitty cards, and display a "Breed" button for any eligible pairs:


  • In KittyHelper, you can use the Breeding Calculator from the left navigation menu to input the ids for two Kitties with the desired traits and see all of the genetic odds for their offspring:


If at first you don't succeed - check the genes and breed again!

Breeding is always an exciting process - but it does require some planning and even a bit of luck! Even if you don't breed the Purrstige Kitty on your first try, the new Kitty may have more of the required traits to help you in future breeds. Regularly checking your Kitties to see which partners have the best odds can greatly increase your success.

Keep an eye on our events page for any breedable Purrstige traits!

You can also find all of the previous Purrstige Trait recipes on the Kotobaza blog.