Move over, Kitties, Clover is here! This new Fancy Cat just rode in on a rainbow and is ready to breed.

The community discovered Clover on Saturday, March 16. Now you have until 5:59 PM PDT, March 27, 2019 to breed this Fancy.

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Here are the genes you need to breed Clover

To breed Clover you’ll need to breed these traits:

You’ll need to breed two cats that have all three of the above traits between them. If a required gene is present in both parents, it’s much more likely to pass on to the offspring.

You may have noticed that Clover requires a Purrstige trait, oohshiny, which in turn requires combining two traits.

Every CryptoKitty has visible and hidden genes. Visible genes determine how the cat looks and are called Cattributes. Hidden genes, on the other hand, do not influence the cat’s appearance, but may pass on and determine the appearance of their offspring. Purrstige traits like oohshiny always require a hidden gene to breed.

Here’s how to breed oohshiny:

To find cats that have hidden genes, use Heaven.Cat Finder, a helpful community-built tool that lets you search for Kitties for specific hidden genes like PU27.

The tools you need to breed a Fancy Cat

Now you know what genes you need, but how do you find them? These tools can help.

  • Search your own Kitty collection for cats with the required genes emeraldgreen-search-final
  • Search the marketplace for cats that have the ingredients. shamrock-emeraldgreen-search

You can enter multiple Cattributes in the same search to find individual Kitties who have several of the required traits. The more required traits you can find in one cat, the better your odds of breeding Clover.

We recommend using the CK Box extension, a community-created tool that can tell you a lot about a cat:

  • Float your cursor over any Kitty and CK Box will show you all its genes, both visible and hidden

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 4.03.29 PM

  • Float your cursor on the numbers on the right side of a Kitty's icon to see how many required genes a Kitty has for currently breedable Fancy Cats


  • When you select two Kitties to breed and enter the Breeding screen, CK Box will calculate your chances of creating your desired Fancy Cat

Let’s breed Clover!

Now we know how to find everything we need to breed Clover. First, search your Kitties to see if you have any with Clover’s required Cattributes. Next, search the marketplace for a Kitty with the right Cattributes you still need, then either buy that Kitty or, if it’s available for siring, breed with it.

Even if your first few breeds fail, you may end up creating a Kitty that has more of the required traits. You can then breed with the Kitty for improved odds of breeding Clover.

If at first you don’t succeed—breed, breed, breed!

It often takes multiple breeds and a little luck to breed a Fancy. Even if you don't breed your Fancy Cat the first time around, you might breed a Kitty that has more of the required traits, which will improve your odds of breeding the Fancy the next time.