Eons ago (well, at least one year ago) Draco the Dragon was locked away in a mysterious realm known as the Kitty Clock. But now that the Kitty Clock is coming to an end, Draco's brood has begun to pour through.

Last night, instead of releasing a standard Gen 0, the Kitty Clock gave the community a surprise: Dreggo, the dragon hatchling of all our dreams!

The Kitty Clock is the name of the account we use to release Gen 0s, some of the rarest CryptoKitties in the game. On November 30th that account will stop releasing new Gen 0s — forever.

Every day from now until November 30th, some of the Gen 0s released by the Kitty Clock will be Dreggo Fancy Cats.

So how can I get my own Dreggo?

Glad you asked. You can buy a Dreggo from the Kitty Clock, breed your own, or buy two and breed them together to make more! You have until 7 PM PST on December 7th to breed this hatchling Fancy. To breed Dreggo you need Kitties with two regular traits and one special trait. These are the two regular traits:

The more rare trait you need to breed Dreggo is SE03. SE03 is a hidden gene that you may not be able to see in your Kitties. Luckily, a member of our community created Kitty Finder, which instantly finds Kitties you own and Kitties for sale that possess that specific gene. Hit the link below to see Kitties with SE03.

  • SE03 (the "Draco Gene")

Dreggo isn't the only dragon coming to town

  • Draco, the Dragon Fancy we teased when CryptoKitties first launched a year ago, is finally arriving! We'll be chasing Draco the Fancy Cat at 5PM PST on November 30th.
  • Draco the Magnificent is an Exclusive Cat, all grown up and ready to be won. Just enter your email for your chance to take Draco the Magnificent home.
  • All good things come in… four? Keep an eye on Twitter for exciting news about another member of Draco's Brood that may be making an appearance. Maybe on November 26th, say around 11:00 AM PST.