On Wednesday, May 1, at 10 AM PDT the Kitty community chased our latest set of Purrstige Traits. This RoboKitty-themed set is extra special: these Purrstige Traits are interoperable and will unlock pawsome features in other dapps and blockchain experiences!

That means it’s even more important to breed these time-limited traits while you can. Luckily, you’ve got plenty of time: these traits are breedable until August 31, 2019.

Read on to find out how to breed them.

What is a Purrstige Trait, anyway?

Purrstige Traits are rare traits which add unique features to your Kitty’s appearance are only breedable for a limited time.

Every CryptoKitty has a set of 48 genes. Some genes you can see just by looking at your Kitty with your own eyeballs; we call genes that are visible Cattributes, and they define how your Kitty looks, like the shape of its ears, the pattern of its fur, or the color of its eyes.

Other genes live beneath the surface and don’t directly affect how your cat looks. They’re hidden, but can be found using third-party tools (more on those below).

Purrstige Traits require both visible and hidden genes to breed. They’re tougher to hit than normal traits, so they’re rewarding to unlock and create some of CryptoKitties’ coolest cats. And because they’re time-limited, they’re particularly rare — so especially precious.

And these RoboKitty Purrstige Traits are even more special, since they’re interoperable and will unlock new features in other blockchain games and dapps to come!

To breed a Kitty with a Purrstige Trait, you need the right combination of Cattributes and hidden genes in the parents.

How to breed the RoboKitty Purrstige Traits

Every RoboKitty Purrstige Trait requires a mix of regular and hidden traits to breed. These tricks and tools will help you find the ingredients you need to breed these Purrstige Traits.


How to find visible traits

First, search your own Kitty collection to see if you already own cats that have the required genes. Simply go to your My Kitties page and use the search bar above your cats. emeraldgreen-search-final

Once you’ve found the genes you already own, search the marketplace for cats that have the ingredients you’re still missing so you can buy or breed with them. To search the Marketplace, click the Search option on the top right menu bar shamrock-emeraldgreen-search

You can enter multiple Cattributes in the same search to find individual Kitties that have several of the required traits, so you won’t need to buy as many Kitties to get all the traits you need, saving you some ETH.

How to find hidden traits

When you’re trying to breed with hidden traits, two trusted third-party tools are vital:

Use Heaven.Cat to search the marketplace for Hidden Traits HeavenCat lets you search for Kitties in the marketplace by specific hidden traits. You can enter multiple hidden traits in the same search to find individual Kitties that possess several hidden traits, making your breeding life way easier.

Use CKBox to see both hidden and visible traits in a Kitty CKBox is a Chrome extension that gives you valuable insider info about a Kitty, including any hidden traits it might possess. Note that CKBox uses different names for the hidden traits, such as "feat10" for WE10.

All you have to do is hover your cursor over any Kitty and CK Box will show you all its genes, both visible and hidden. ckbox-hidden-genes

Here are the recipes to breed the Robokitty Purrstige Traits

Now that you’ve got the tools, here are the recipes you need to breed all seven Robokitty Purrstige traits. Every Robokitty Purrstige Trait requires the same three traits to start:

From there, every Robokitty Purrstige Trait requires another hidden trait:

If at first you don’t succeed—breed, breed, breed!

It often takes multiple breeds and a little luck to breed a Purrstige Trait, so if your first few attempts don’t work out, don’t give up! Even if you fail at first, you may create a Kitty that has more of the required traits. You can then use that Kitty to breed for even better odds of creating a Purrstige Trait.

Don’t forget you can breed these seven traits until August 31, 2019. There you go, you’ve got everything you need to breed the Robokitty Purrstige Set! What bionic Kitties will you breed?