We recently unveiled Kitty Tricks, a feature that helps players identify cats that unlock special content in other dapps––cats that interoperate, if you want to get technical. That’s because interoperability, the potential for dapps to overlap and interact with one another, is one of our favourite things about blockchain.

Well, what better way to show Kitty Tricks off than having Curdlin, our lactose-loving sorcerer cat, unlock special content in this summer’s blockchain blockbuster, Cheeze Wizards? Because CryptoKitties are the blockchain’s adorable mascots, they have to welcome the new guys on the (cheese) block.

What does Curdlin unlock in Cheeze Wizards?

Well, that depends on what generation your Curdlin is.

If your Curdlin is generation 4 or lower, you can use its Make It Meow ability to permanently transform one of your Cheeze Wizards into a Kitty Wizard with a special pawhead (note: once your Wizard transforms, it cannot be changed back to a normal Wizard). These special Kitty Wizards qualify to enter into a special Last Kitty Standing side quest in Cheeze Wizards, where one powerful Wizard will win an ETH prize for themselves and members of their party (join the Cheeze Wizards Discord for all the details about the parties feature, coming soon).

If your Curdlin is generation 5 or above, you can harness its Cheeze Challenge ability to give one of your Cheeze Wizards a very fashionable Kitty Cap (replacing their old cap furever), and also qualify for the Last Kitty Cap standing side quest.


Sounds good! How do I do it?

First, you need to get yourself a Curdlin, but not just any Curdlin. You can either breed a Curdlin or buy one on the marketplace.

But––this is important––if you buy a Curdlin, make sure it still has an active Kitty Trick. The Trick is indicated by the appropriate icon in the bottom right corner of your Kitty’s portrait in the marketplace, and in its own section in the Kitty’s profile page.


Using a Curdlin to make a Kitty Wizard or Kitty Cap will consume that Trick, so choose your Wizard carefully since each Curdlin can only use their special ability once.

You’ll need to find yourself a fresh Curdlin on the market or breed one yourself––read our blog to find out how.

Kitty Tricks are just a taste of what interoperability can offer

Extensibility––the potential for anyone to build on top of the foundations set by others––and interoperability––the ability for NFTs from one game, like CryptoKitties, to interact in another, like Cheeze Wizards––is one of the most exciting parts of blockchain. Kitty Tickets are just a hint of the potential of interoperability, and we can’t wait to see where it goes.

For now, get yourself a Curdlin and jump into this summer’s blockchain blockbuster, Cheeze Wizards.

Get Curdlin!